"...and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."                                                                                                    ~Anais Nin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Enlightened Eating is an interactive workshop that came about through a culmination of a 25 year personal journey out of the ravages of food-related addictions, Master's degree studies and the wisdom found in 12 Step food-related Programs.


Enlightened Eating brings awareness to emotional eating, head hunger, food addiction, compulsive eating and compulsive overeating.  With many names comes many manifestations.


Can you relate to any of the above terms?  If so:


      ~ How does the hunger manifest in you that drives these eating behaviors?


      ~ Does your appetite have a plan all its own?  


      ~ Have you made amazing strides in the past only to sabotage your own best efforts?  


      ~ Are you at a place where you've not crossed the line into a diagnoseable "eating              disorder" but struggle with the  same 10-15 lbs.?  


      ~ Do you have any shame surrounding what you eat or how much?  


      ~ Does this shame affect your body image in how you see yourself and relate to those           closest to you?  


      ~ Does this shame hold you back from enjoying your life at 100%?   


      ~ If you're in recovery from drugs, alcohol or other addictions, have you switched to           excess food and put on excess weight? 


      ~ Have you had weight-loss surgery and struggle with head hunger or emotional                 eating? 

      ~ Are you a member of a food-related 12 Step Program and still struggle with your             abstinence/balance with food despite putting forth your best efforts?


Diets, sound nutrition, exercise and weight management techniques have their place, but for some do not resolve the underlying root of these excessive-eating patterns. Many have said: "Oh I know how I'm supposed to exercise, what to eat and how much, I struggle with the application of this information. 

You see, there's this appetite...."


Do you recognize yourself in any of the statements above?  Can you relate to the frustrations and pain affiliated with these struggles?  Has the pain become great enough to move you beyond the struggle and into healing and joyful living?   Pain is a great motivator and Enlightened Eating is the place to begin!  As the root causes of eating patterns are revealed, redirected and healed, food takes its proper place in life, to nourish the body and enjoy! Eating patterns return to, or fall into natural alignment with what's appropriate for your body, and the war stops.


In this dynamic, interactive 3 hour workshop you will be introduced to simple tools and practices that can be utilized immediately.  You will also be guided in how to integrate your previously acquired knowledge as you begin the process of weight release, and the healing of destructive eating behaviors.


Join us on this fascinating Spiritual journey....

Price of 35.00 includes student workbook