Sacred definition: adj. worthy of or regarded with reverence, awe, or respect; holy


What is Sacred Space?


Sacred Space is any space, area or location that has the purpose of being dedicated to a sacred purpose.  A sacred purpose has been the undertow that has guided me, pulled me and continually urged me on kicking and screaming over the last 25 years of arriving here.  Right here.  Right now.  


So what is right here, right now?  The birth and launching of Tree of Life Wellness Community™.  As in any birth, the process has been joyful, painful, fascinating, terrifying and scary.  Fears and doubts had to be overcome and healed and false beliefs. Ahhhh.......false beliefs that have been with us since we were a young girl and boy.  But all of it, ALL of it has served its purpose.  For that I am grateful.  


So welcome to our space.  Join us as we bring this life-altering work for the purpose of healing that which no longer serves...

Sacred Space contributed by Deana Terro

When I think of the phrase ‘Sacred Space’, I have always had in mind a building, place or room.  Not until it was brought to my attention that ‘Sacred Space’ could also be what can be cultivated in connected, compassionate and honest relationship, did it ever occur to me that this phenomenon could be extended to authentic friendship.   I remember my mother telling me, on multiple occasions, that if I had two or three true friends in my entire life, that I had been blessed beyond measure.   

I have been Graced with the absolute honour and privilege of participating in the cultivation of a friendship with another woman that has grown deeper and wider, and continues to do so, than I ever dreamed possible.  As a byproduct of our willingness to learn how to perceive and do things differently, and our decision that our relationship has way  more value than any conflict that comes our way, we have been given the most precious gift of shared mutual trust and acceptance.  At the very core of our experience is honesty.  It sounds simple.  It is not always.  At times, it has been raw, frightening and vulnerable.  We have worked very hard on cultivating this friendship and the byproduct is beyond words.   

The healing that we have both experienced, as the direct result of our ability to share with each other with the levels of  honesty and trust that we’ve developed over the years,   plain and simply feels like Grace.  I don’t have the words to describe the gifts we both receive as a result of our relationship.   We have been able to share with each other the deepest, darkest thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we have been the most ashamed of.  I am talking the raw, dark, messy stuff… that had a ‘safe place’ not been present….wouldn’t have even seen the ‘light of day’.   It is in these precise moments, that we absolutely become aware of Grace and healing takes place.   It is here, we experience the Sacred Space.  Unwittingly, neither one of us consciously set out to create this, we have absolutely allowed ourselves to be led to this shared reality in which there is raw honesty, acceptance and freedom to be whomsoever we are in the moment.    There is an actual Presence that flows between us that is Palpable, Reverent and Free.    We did not cultivate this level of relationship over night;  we have both done a great deal of inner work and continue to do so.  I encourage anyone reading this to give gut - level honest,  reverent exploration of current friendships and, if you are not already doing so,  I invite you to allow yourself to be led into this type of Sacred Space experience.